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Parmigiani is a brand dedicated to creating horological masterpieces that excel in both beauty and technology. A master watchmaker and world-renowned restorer of antique timepieces, Michel Parmigiani has set some of the highest standards in watchmaking for himself and his team of experts-standards that define the brand and set it apart from others.
It is said that "beauty is silent eloquence" and Parmigiani Fleurier has holistically mastered the art of timeless beauty in the eloquent movements of their watches. Combining the rare art of making highly complicated designs, inspired by mother nature's intricate patterns, Parmigiani is a novelty in itself. Michel Parmigiani, a well-known restoration professional, and watchmaker has lent life to this brand with his bare hands.
Like a true luxury watchmaker, the brand is dedicated to refining its design with every new release. You'll be mesmerized by the split-second design of the Tonda Chronor if you haven't witnessed it already!
Let us dive straight into the inception of the Parmigiani Fleurier brand and the inspiring story behind it! We'll also uncover what sets PF apart and discover some of its finest collections.

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